USB4 USB C OTG Adapter 240W 40Gbp 8K

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Experience seamless connectivity with the USB4 Type-C OTG Adapter. With 240W fast charging, 40Gbps data transfer and 8K 60Hz video output, it comes in a U-shape, 90-degree and central L-shape to avoid bending your cables.

Shape: Side L Shape
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USB4 USB C OTG Adapter 240W 40Gbp 8K

The USB4 OTG Adapter is designed for both tight spaces and everyday use, protecting your cables and device ports from wear and tear. Its U Shape, right angle, and L Shape Center designs adjust the cable angle for easy connections and long-term durability. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4, USB4, USB3.2, USB3.1, USB2.0, and more, it seamlessly connects your phone, laptop, tablet, game console, charger, and other devices. Enhance your setup with this versatile adapter, perfect for all your connectivity needs.

40Gbps Ultra-Fast Data Transfers

Cabletime USB C right angle adapter delivers 40Gbps data transfer speeds, allowing you to move 10GB files in only 5 seconds. Enjoy quicker, more efficient file transfers that save time and enhance productivity.

240W Quick Charge

Charge your devices quickly with up to 240W power delivery, ensuring your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is always ready to go. With PD3.1, you can boost a 2021 MacBook Pro to 88% in just 35 minutes.Compatible with PD3.0 and PD2.0 for flexible charging solutions.

8K@60Hz Video Clarity

Enjoy 8K video at 60Hz for incredibly immersive and detailed visuals. This USB type-c adapter ensures sharp, vibrant video from any DP-compatible device, such as smartphones and gaming consoles.

Practical Applications

Featuring U Shape, right angle, and L Shape Center designs, these USB C otg adapters offer various angle options to redirect your cable, preventing wear and tear on both the cable and the device’s input port. This prolongs their lifespan and ensures durability. Perfect for different setups, they meet all your connectivity needs.


Widely Compatible :

Compatible with USB C device



Model CP83G, CP84G, CP85G
Port1 USB-C male
Port2 USB-C Female
Charge 240W (48V5A)
Transmit Rate 40Gbps
Video Resolution 8K@60Hz
Material Aluminum+PVC
Shape Side L, Center L , U Shape

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