USB Type C To HDMI Adapter 4K 60Hz For Macbook Pro
The USB-C 3.1 to HDMI 2.0 adapter enables you to mirror or stream video from your USB C devices such as computers, tablets, phones, MacBooks, etc. to any HDMI-equipped display.This adapter support up to 4k 60Hz, plus, this small, portable...
$14.99 $9.99
USB Type C to DisplayPort Adapter 4K 60Hz
The USBC to Display Port adapter is created to extend or mirror a thin laptop with a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port to a projector/monitor/TV that has a DisplayPort port. The USB C to DP adapter is an ideal solution when you are multitasking,...
Thunderbolt 3 USB C to Rj45 Ethernet Adapter
Max.1000Mbps Speed Supporting speeds up to 1000Mbps and backwards compatible with 100Mbps/10Mbps, this Gigabit LAN adapter provides blazing fast internet, stable and secure connections for live streaming, hosting (video conferencing, podcasting, live streaming and other online content creation, etc.), gamers,...
$16.98 $13.98
8K USB C To HDMI DP Adapter Dual 4K
Connects your USB C laptop to both DP and HDMI displays. Stream video resolutions up to 4K 60Hz. when connected with one port (DP or HDMI), the maximum resolution is up to 8K 30Hz. featuring an aluminum alloy, braided jacket...
$39.99 $35.99
4K 60Hz MST USB C to Dual HDMI Hub
The CABLETIME USB C to Multi-Port Adapter makes it easy to expand your USB C devices (including laptops, tablets, smartphones) to two HDMI displays, transmitting video output up to 4K 60Hz for single displays and 4K 30Hz for dual displays....
$34.99 $29.99
4 IN 1 8K USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter Dual 4K
The USB Type C to Dual HDMI Adapter enables you to connect up to two displays using the USB C port. It supports high definition resolutions up to 8K 30Hz for one display and 4K 60Hz for two displays. Enjoy...
$47.99 $34.99
USB Type C to Mini DisplayPort Adapter 4K 60Hz for MacBook
The USB Type C to Mini DisplayPort adapter makes it possible to connect your USB C devices to monitors, TVs, and projectors equipped with DP ports.Type C to mini DP adapter support resolution up to 4K, putting you in an...
USB Type C Male To HDMI Female Adapter
The USB C to HDMI 4K adapter enables you to stream video,image from your USB C devices such as computers, tablets, phones, MacBooks, etc. to any HDMI-equipped display.This adapter support up to 4K 60Hz, plus, this small, portable adapter is easy to bring...

What is USB C Adapters Used For?

USB-C adapters make it easy to connect your USB Type-C laptop to USB legacy peripherals. Examples include monitors, printers,, hard drives, SD cards, modems, and other devices that are considered too old for newer computers.

What Different Types of USB C Adapters Are There?

We offer a wide variety of USB type C adapters, like USB Type C TO HDMI Cable Adapter, USB Type C TO DisplayPort Adapter, USB type C to Mini DisplayPort Adapter,USB-C to RJ45 1000Mbps Ethernet Adapter, etc.

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