Slim 7-in-1 USB C Hub for Macbook Pro
Keep your workspace handy with Cabletime portable slim 7 in 1 design USB C hub. Use USB Type C hub to connect to MacBook Pro or USB-C devices, you can charge your laptop, transfer data from sd card, and even make a network connection.Equivalent...
8K USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter Dual 4K
The USB Type C to Dual HDMI Adapter enables you to connect up to two displays using the USB C port.It supports high definition resolutions up to 8K 30Hz for one display and 4K 60Hz for two displays. Enjoy more...
Switch Dock for Nintendo Switch OLED 3 IN 1 USB C Hub
3 IN 1 Switch Dock Station With a multitude of ports including,USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, PD port. Switch Dock offer an easy way to connect your nintendo switch. UHD 4K 30Hz Resolution The 3 in 1 USB C hub...
Slim 5-In-1 USB Type-C To HDMI Multiport Adapter With Power Delivery
Keep your workspace handy with CABLETIME portable slim 5 in 1 design USB Type-C to HDMI multiport adapter with power delivery. Use USB Type C hub to connect to MacBook Pro or USB-C devices, you can charge your laptop, transfer data from SD card, and even make...
Porable Slim 4 In 1 USB 3.0 Type C Multiport Adapter
Fast 5Gbps Data Transmission USB A 3.0 port trabsfer data up to transfer up to 5 can transfer file in seconds. Plus It allows you to connect your keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and more to your MacBook Pro, and...

CABLETIME USB-C hub allow you to connect multiple device, expand the possibilities of your usb c computer. We offer a large selection of USB Type C hubs and adapters, from USB-A port hubs to multi-port USB-C hubs with Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI or SD/TD connectivity. With multiport usb type c hub, you can improve your efficiency and productivity.

CABLETIME is a professional manufacturer and supplier of USB C hubs and adapters in China with 10 years of experience, and our brand CABLETIME is sold worldwide. We are now looking for distributor, If you buy CABLETIME brand usb c hubs in bulk or wholesale, we will give support with price discount and minimum order quantity. If you want to be a distributor of CABLETIME, please contact us!

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