3.5 MM Male To Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable

The 3.5mm male to male stereo audio aux cable is compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices, such as car stereos, speaker systems, smartphones and tablets. Wherever you go, this 3.5 mm auxiliary audio cable will let you listen to your favorite music.
Length :

Cell phone connected to car audio, making music along the way

24k Gold-plated connectors for high-quality audio transmission

Plug and play, easy to use

Tested to 10,000 bends and still durable

3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable

CF10D(0.3m), CF10H(1m), CF10K(1.8m), CF10N(3m)
CT-AV311-P11GN-SG0.3, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG1, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG1.8, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG3

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Select this male to male stereo audio cable so you can enjoy music everywhere. This cable can quickly connect your smartphone, tablet or any other audio device to your car stereo, portable speakers , home speaker system and more. Both need to come with a 3.5mm audio jack.The 3.5 mm aux audio cable's 24K gold-plated connectors are designed for high-quality audio transmission without removing your phone/tablet case.Braided jacket design allows this 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable to withstand repeated use, giving you the most out of your music collection



Model CF10D(0.3m), CF10H(1m), CF10K(1.8m), CF10N(3m)
Connector A 3.5mm Jack Male Gold-Plated
Connector B 3.5mm Jack Male Gold-Plated
Material Aluminum Shell + Nylon Braided Wire
SKU CT-AV311-P11GN-SG0.3, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG1, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG1.8, CT-AV311-P11GN-SG3
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