DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Converter 4K 60Hz

4k DP to HDMI adapter allows you to connect a computer, laptop or device that has DisplayPort to a monitor, projector, HDTV equipped with an HDMI port.You will receive clear video and perfect audio delivery

Support HD 4k 60HZ 3840*2160P video output

Plug and Play, easy to use

Connect to a large screen display, upgrade your workstation

Aluminum shell and intelligent active chip ensure stable signal transmission

Connect to laptops, desktop tower, GPU, TV, projector, monitor, VR headset, universally compatible with ProBook EliteBook, ThinkPad, AMD, NVIDIA, etc. Configure monitor to Mirror Mode to duplicate primary display for video streaming or gaming. Configure monitor to Extend Mode to expand the desktop area.

DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female

CP20A/ CT-C160-PU31-CMDP1-S0.15

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Free shipping on orders over $20 with a 30-day return policy. International duties & taxes may apply and are not calculated at checkout. Orders ship within 1-2 business days.

DisplayPort to HDMI adapter 4k is designed to stream UHD video and audio from computers to HDTVs, monitors, and projectors. As a result, you can enjoy crystal clear visuals in 4k. Use this adapter for business presentations, work from home, enjoy entertainment, mirror or extend your monitor to upgrade your workstation for enhanced productivity.

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