Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable for TV Amplifiers

Toslink optical digital audio cables make it easy to connect your DVDs, speakers, projectors to sound bars, amplifiers, speakers. Delivering clear and stable audio without signal interference for immersive enjoyment.
Length :

Toslink optical digital audio cable

Delivers wonderful sound quality

Connect to amplifier , soundbar etc.

Optical port for sturdy connectivity

Gold-plated connector for stable transmission

Durable aluminum alloy shell

Flexible PVC jacket

Connector 1 TOSLINK Male , Gold
Connector 2 TOSLINK Male , Gold

CF31H(1m), CF31L(2m), CF31N(3m), CF31P(5m)
CT-AV380-H03(5)-B1, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B2, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B3, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B5

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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The Toslink audio cable is made of superior optical fibre so you can connect to DVDs, CDs, PS4s, TVs or digital audio devices for clear and wonderful sound. Featuring corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors, durable aluminium alloy and flexible PVC jacket, this cable provides stable and true signal transmission without distortion. Plug and play, no driver required. 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths available.



Model CF31H(1m), CF31L(2m), CF31N(3m), CF31P(5m)
Connector 1 TOSLINK Male , Gold
Connector 2 TOSLINK Male , Gold
Wire Plastic Fiber OD4.0mm , PVC Jacket
SKU CT-AV380-H03(5)-B1, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B2, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B3, CT-AV380-H03(5)-B5
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