Intel Certified Thunderbolt 4 Cable USB C to USB C 8k 60HZ

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One cable can do it all, it means the latest Thunderbolt cable 4. Thunderbolt Cable 4 can transfer data at 40Gbps , charge at 100w and reach 8k resolution. In addition, it is backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and all USB C devices..

Length: 0.8M
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Cabletime Thunderbolt 4 cables support up to 100w of power, 40Gbps transfer speeds and 8k@60hz solutions.This all-in-one cable is compatible with Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB4 and USB 3.1,Gen 1,Gen 2 & DisplayPort Alt Mode.100% USB-C Compatible.Ideal for Macbook Pro.

Intel Certified Thunderbolt 4 Cable

Cabletime Thunderbolt 4 Cable passed Intel strict testing in a variety of environments and situations, suceefully receives Certification. It means thunderbolt 4 cable meet the latest performance and feature.

8K@60HZ Display Resolution

Daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices including docking stations, hard drives, external graphics cards, and displays. Enjoying ultra HD video resolution, 40Gbps bandwidth allows dual 4K@60Hz video or single 8K@60Hz outputs 40Gbps speed cables are suitable for eGPU and dual 4K display scenarios.

100W Super Fast Charging

Cabletime thunderbolt 4 cable support ultra fast charging, power delivery up to 100W and 8x faster than standard USB-C cables, compatible with multiple high-speed charging protocols

High Speed 40Gbps Data Transfer

Cabletime Thunderbolt 4 cable deliver speed up to 40Gbps, stable signal with no delay, you can transfer a 4k movie in seconds. Less time waiting, more time creating.

Bulid in E-marker Chip

We use the greatest Cypress chip to ensure the perfermance of thunderbolt 4 cable. Intel-certified safe

Thunderbolt 4 Cable with Durable Life Bend

Upgraded 3D aluminum connector, premium nylon braided cable adds additional durability and tangle free. Special Strain Relief design can bear 15000+ bending test.


Thunderbolt 4 Cable VS  Thunderbolt 3 Cable VS USB4 Cable

Customer Reviews

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Jim Behl

Speedy Delivery

Ed Judd

The cable is of superior quality

Quinn Bright

Excellent cable like all Cabletime products. It work as TB4, USB 3.2 and 3.1. Great acquisition.

Hedda Russell

Seems like a good quality cable. I asked the seller if the 1.8m TB 4 cable is an active or passive cable. He said it is an active one. I don’t really have an option to test it. But it runs my 40” wide 5k monitor at 75 hertz. Which is what I needed this cable for. So I guess everything is fine.

Nat Kit

the longest thunderbolt cable you can get in market