Ergonomic Laptop Riser Stand for Desk Laptop Computer Riser

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With the CABLETIME laptop stand, it's easy to raise your computer to a perfect eye level. Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro/ Air, Asus, Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc.

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Ergonomic Laptop Riser Stand for Desk Laptop Computer Riser

Designed with ergonomics in mind, CABLETIME laptop riser stand utilizes a simple way to keep your eyes level with your computer and relieve neck pain and back pain. The same aluminum material as the Mac makes the laptop riser more stable and compact. The detachable design is easy to carry. The macbook laptop riser allows for more airflow so the computer can dissipate heat faster. Suitable for home, office, gaming, etc.

Ergonomic Laptop Riser

With the CABLETIME ergonomic laptop stand, you'll work with your MacBook at a comfortable height, and it is ergonomic and can help you reduce neck and back pain.

Fast Heat Dissipation

All metal material with hollow design to let airflow freely and prevent your laptop from overheating. Suspended design allows you to store your keyboard and mouse with plenty of space.

Stylish Laptop Riser for MacBook

Same aluminum alloy as the Mac,laptop computer riser match with MacBook, keep your desk stylish. Anodized high-strength aluminum alloy ensure laptop stand stable and durable.

Simple installation and removal

Removable and does not occupy space, disassembly or assembly, only need 2 steps. A simple laptop riser is perfect for home, office, etc.



Model CS13G
Material Aluminum+Silica Gel
Finishing Anodic oxidation
Product Weight 454g
Colour Space Grey
Suitable model 11-16 inch laptop/pad