DP to DP 1.2 Cable 4K 60Hz for Gaming Monitor, TV, PC, Laptop

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The DP to DP cord offers ultra-high-definition video output at 4K 60Hz, providing crystal-clear clarity and vibrant colors for stunning visuals, making it the perfect choice for home theaters.

Length: 1m
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4K DP to DP Cable

With 4K 60Hz video output, our cables let you experience stunning visuals with amazing clarity and detail. Supported extended and mirror mode. Whether you're streaming your favorite movies or playing the latest video games, it's perfect for you.

Retaining Clip Lock

Our cable features a retaining clip lock for a stable connection that won't come loose or disconnect during use. The connectors are 24K gold plated for superior durability and to ensure that your cable will last for many years to come.

Soft PVC jacket

The DP to DP 1.2 Cable 4K 60Hz has a soft and flexible PVC jacket that allows for easy handling and won't tangle or bend. This means you can easily bend and move the cable without worrying about damaging it or interfering with your display.



Model CD21H(1m), CD21K(1.8m), CD21N(3m),CD21O(4.5m)
Connector A DP Male Gold-Plated
Connector B DP Male Gold-Plated
Resolution 4K/60HZ
Material ABS with orange strain Relief+ BLACK PVC
SKU CT-AV585-01G-B1, CT-AV585-01G-B1.8, CT-AV585-01G-B3, CT-AV585-01G-B4.5