DisplayPort 2.1 Cable 16K@60Hz 8K@120Hz 4K@240Hz 80Gbps

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Experience the future of display technology with our Ultra 16K DisplayPort 2.1 cable. This cable offers true-to-life resolutions of 16K@60Hz, 10K@60Hz, 8K@120Hz, and 4K@144Hz, as well as 80Gbps of bandwidth capacity. This makes it perfect for displaying true-to-life visuals for all your gaming and productivity needs.

Length: 1M
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Ultra 16K Clarity with DisplayPort 2.1 Cable

Experience visuals like never before with our DisplayPort 2.1 cable, delivering resolutions up to a stunning 16K(15360*8640)@60Hz, 10K@60Hz, 8K@120Hz, and 4K@240Hz with support for Dynamic HDR, HDCP 2.2, and DSC1.2a. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled clarity and detail for a cinematic experience every time.

Gamer's Ultimate Choice: 240Hz Refresh Rate

Say goodbye to lag and stutter. Our DisplayPort 2.1 cable offers a blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rate, so every frame is rendered with precision. Dynamic HDR intensifies every shadow, while 32-bit audio brings every in-game sound to life. Additionally, enjoy a multi-screen gaming experience with Multi-Stream Transmission (MTS).

Blazing Fast 80Gbps Bandwidth

Enjoy crystal-clear streaming and gaming without interruption with our DisplayPort 2.1 cable. With its groundbreaking 80Gbps bandwidth, three times faster than DP1.4, you can expect an incredibly stable connection with no drop in quality. Make the most of your entertainment with no lag or buffering.

Advanced DisplayPort 2.1 vs 1.4

Our DisplayPort 2.1 cable specification offers superior visuals with Dynamic HDR, efficient high-definition compression with DSC, and secure content protection with HDCP 2.2, making it superior to DisplayPort 1.4. Get ready to experience a leap into the future with this top-of-the-line cable.

Durable & Stable: Built to Last

The anti-corrosion aluminum shell combined with a durable black braided jacket ensures it withstands daily wear and tear. The 30AWG tinned copper wire guarantees efficient signal transmission, ensuring you get the best visual experience every time. Whether it's for professional use, gaming, or entertainment, trust our DisplayPort 2.1 cable for unmatched performance.



Model CD13H(1m), CD13L(2m)
Connector A DP Male Gold-Plated
Connector B DP Male Gold-Plated
Resolution 16K@60Hz 8K@120Hz 4K@240Hz 1080p@240Hz
Bandwidth 80Gbps
Material Alumiunm Shell + Black Braided

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