Adjustable Swivel Laptop Stand Aluminum Alloy 360 Degree Rotating Bracket

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Enhance your workspace with the swivel laptop stand featuring a unique "X" design. This laptop stand aluminum alloy rotating bracket offers 360-degree swivel and adjustable height and angle for versatile use while seated or standing. The combination of the "X" design and aluminum alloy provides a modern look. It also provides efficient heat dissipation for optimal laptop performance.

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Experience a new comfort level with our ergonomic laptop stand aluminum alloy rotating bracket. This swivel laptop stand offers full 360-degree rotation, so you can always find the perfect viewing angle. What makes it different? Its adjustable height and angle allow for both sitting and standing use. The triangular support guarantees unmatched stability, ensuring your device stays put. Raise your laptop to eye level to improve posture and minimize neck and back discomfort. The unique "X" design is more than just a visual treat; it keeps your laptop cool. Made with durable aluminum, it promises longevity. Our swivel laptop stand makes every work session more comfortable and efficient.

Innovative "X" Design

Try our innovative 'X' design laptop stand. The unique 'X' shape ensures it stays put, providing a rock-solid base with no wobble. And when you're done, it folds up easily for space-saving storage. Beyond its functionality, its sleek and aesthetic design will surely enhance any workspace's look.

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

Experience comfort with our height-adjustable laptop stand. Adjust from a low 4.8cm to a towering 26.5cm, giving you the flexibility to work sitting or standing. This range promotes better posture and eases back and neck strain. Work longer and feel better.

360 Degree Rotating Laptop Stand

Get unparalleled flexibility with our rotatable laptop stand. With its three-axis tilt and 360-degree swivel, you can position your device to give your eyes the perfect view. Adjust, rotate, and find the sweet spot effortlessly

Robust and Fast Heat Dissipation

With a sturdy build, this stand can hold up to 10kg, ensuring a stable typing experience. The unique "X" design on the back boosts air flow, helping your device stay cool

Superior Quality

Enjoy top-notch quality with this stand made from thick aluminum. It has a sturdy 8mm base that won't wobble. The front panel pulls out up to 65mm, and the silicone edge can be moved and turned for just the right fit

Universal Compatible

Fit for all and easy to take on the go!! This foldable stand is perfect for laptops or iPads ranging from 11 to 16 inches. Whether you have a compact tablet or a larger laptop, it's got you covered.



Model CS16S
Material Aluminum+Silica Gel
Finishing Anodic oxidation
Product Weight 770g
Package Weight 1000g
Suitable model 11-16 inch laptop/pad

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