8K USB C To HDMI DP Adapter Dual 4K

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The USB C to HDMI DP adapter provides an easy way to connect your laptop to DP and HDMI displays to maximize productivity. Support 8K@30Hz Output for single monitor and 4K@60Hz Output for dual monitor.

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Connects your USB C laptop to both DP and HDMI displays. Stream video resolutions up to 4K 60Hz. when connected with one port (DP or HDMI), the maximum resolution is up to 8K 30Hz. featuring an aluminum alloy, braided jacket and strain relief for maximum adapter performance. Ideal for office, entertainment, meetings, and sporting events.

4 IN 1 USB C Hub

With 4 in 1 USB C hub, you can easily expand your laptop into powerful workingstation. Featuring one 8K HDMI ports, one 8K DP port, one PD 100w USB C port and one USB A 2.0 port.  PD 100W fast charge your laptop via USB C port. and the USB A 2.0 port to connect a mouse, keyboard, and USB flash drive exclusively.

Max 8K 30Hz Resolution for Single Display

With this usb c multiport adapter, mirror or extend your laptop screen to directly stream 8K UHD video to any HDMI or DP-equipped display. Supports HDR for more lifelike images.

Max 4K 60Hz Resolution for Dual Displays

Add two additional screens to your workstation with this multi adapter that connects to HDMI and DisplayPort, delivering stunning video resolutions up to 4K 60Hz. this can easily increase multi-tasking productivity. Featuring both DP and HDMI ports, this can come with one less adapter.

Extend / Mirror mode

For Windows systems, adaper supports single stream transfer (SST) and multi-stream transfer (MST) capabilities. In mirroring or extended mode, dual monitors can display the same content or different content from the source USB C device.
For MacOS systems, does not support the Multi-Stream Transport (MST) feature.
In extended mode, the dual monitors display the same content that is different from the source USB C device

Durable and Portable

Good heat dissipation aluminum alloy, tangle-free braided jacket and durable strain relief ensure stable signal transmission for USB C multi-port adapters. Power Led light for verifying the connection.

Plug and Play

This USB C multi-port adapter requires no installation and its plug-and-play design makes it easy to connect to your laptop. Compact and lightweight size allows you to take it anywhere


Widely Compatible

USB C : Laptop, Desktop, Phone, Tablet
HDMI adapter : Monitor , UHD TV , Projector



Model CB71G
Input USB C Male
Output 8K30Hz HDMI + 8K30Hz DP + USB 2.0 + PD 100W
Video Support MST, Single 8K30Hz, Dual 4K60Hz
Shell Alumiunm Shell with LED
Jacket Braided Jacket