5 In 1 USB C Thunderbolt 4 Mini Docking Station 40Gbps 8K For Laptop Mac

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Unleash the power of Thunderbolt 4: Our mini thunderbolt 4 docking station delivers a staggering 40Gbps speed, dual 4K display brilliance, and seamless multitasking—all in one elegant dock.

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Unlock the power of Thunderbolt 4 with our top-tier 5 In 1 Thunderbolt 4 docking station. It boasts three Thunderbolt 4 ports for lightning-fast 40Gbps data speeds, a USB 3.2 Gen2 port for all your gadgets, and a sturdy 110W power input. Delight in stunning 8K or dual 4K displays and keep your devices charged with 60W power, all in a sleek aluminum build. Ideal for MacBook Pro users seeking simplicity and speed .

Lighting-fast 40Gbps Data Transfer

Our mini Thunderbolt 4 docking station comes with three Thunderbolt 4 ports, each offering High-Speed 40Gbps Data Transfer. This powerful trio speeds up your workflow, letting you move big files in a flash. It's perfect for busy professionals who need quick, efficient data transfers for their urgent tasks

USB-A: Swift Multi-Device Connection

Experience the convenience of versatile USB-A connectivity with 10Gbps data transfer speeds. Easily connect a range of USB devices, including keyboards, mice, flash drives, and printers. This feature simplifies your setup and accelerates your productivity, making it an essential asset for any high-efficiency environment.

Max 60w Power Delivery

With a massive 110W DC input, our docking station delivers up to 60W of power to your host computer, ensuring it stays charged during heavy use. In addition, each Thunderbolt 4 device port delivers 15W to keep external drives powered and operational, streamlining your data management without the worry of losing power.

Multiple Display

Mac OS: Mac OS doesn't support MST, support SST
Mirror mode support for AA, AAA Extended mode support for AB, ABB
Windows: supports MST.
Mirror Mode support for AA, AAA, Extended Mode support for AB, ABC

8k Single or 4K Dual Display

Embrace Thunderbolt 4's prowess to elevate your visual workspace—connect to an 8K display for ultra-fine detail or spread tasks across two 4K screens. Perfect for video editing or any high-resolution project, this dock amplifies your productivity and creative potential.

External 20V 5.5A Power Supply Needed

Designed for unwavering stability, the essential 20V 5.5A power supply anchors the docking station's performance. It guarantees a consistent energy flow, ensuring that every task is supported by uninterrupted power for a seamless and dependable experience across all connected devices.

Package Include

DC Power Adapter (European Standard) x 1
Thunderbolt 4 Cable (0.5m) x 1
Thunderbolt 4 Dock X 1




Input USB C Host 
Output 1×USB-A 3.1 10Gbps,
3×Thunderbolt 4 40Gbps,
1×DC Power 20V/5.5A
Material Aluminum Shell

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